【2016.05.14】【 LONGMANからの出題 】一日一題

問題70:the system by which a country's money and goods are produced and used, or a country considered in this way:
ヒント e..

【2016.05.13】【 LONGMANからの出題 】一日一題

問題69:a business organization that makes or sells goods or services [= business, firm]:
ヒント c..

【2016.05.12】【 LONGMANからの出題 】一日一題

問題68:something you say when you reply to a question that someone has asked you [= response]
ヒント a..

【2016.05.11】【 LONGMANからの出題 】一日一題

問題67:the possibility that someone or something will be harmed, destroyed, or killed:
ヒント d..

【2016.05.10】【 LONGMANからの出題 】一日一題

問題66:the main subject or idea in a piece of writing, speech, film etc:
ヒント t..

【2016.05.09】【 LONGMANからの出題 】一日一題

問題65:a duty to be in charge of someone or something, so that you make decisions and can be blamed if something bad happens:
ヒント r..

【2016.05.08】【 LONGMANからの出題 】一日一題

問題64:an arrangement with a company in which you pay them money, especially regularly, and they pay the costs if something bad happens, for example if you become ill or your car is damaged:
ヒント i..

【2016.05.07】【 LONGMANからの出題 】一日一題

問題63:the ability to continue waiting or doing something for a long time without becoming angry or anxious:
ヒント p..

【2016.05.06】【 LONGMANからの出題 】一日一題

問題62:an urgent request for something important:
ヒント a..

【2016.05.05】【 LONGMANからの出題 】一日一題

問題61:the feeling of being excited:
ヒント e..

【2016.05.04】【 LONGMANからの出題 】一日一題

問題60:official discussions between the representatives of opposing groups who are trying to reach an agreement, especially in business or politics :
ヒント n..

【2016.05.03】【 LONGMANからの出題 】一日一題

問題59:the process of gradually becoming bigger, better, stronger, or more advanced:
ヒント d..

【2016.05.02】【 LONGMANからの出題 】一日一題

問題58:the whole system of rules that people in a particular country or area must obey:
ヒント ...

【2016.05.01】【 LONGMANからの出題 】一日一題

問題56:the level that is considered to be acceptable, or the level that someone or something has achieved:
ヒント s..

【2016.04.30】【 LONGMANからの出題 】一日一題

問題55:willingness to allow people to do, say, or believe what they want without criticizing or punishing them :
ヒント t..

【2016.04.29】【 LONGMANからの出題 】一日一題

問題54:when you discuss something :
ヒント d..

【2016.04.28】【 LONGMANからの出題 】一日一題

問題53:discussion of a particular subject that often continues for a long time and in which people express different opinions:
ヒント d..

【2016.04.27】【 LONGMANからの出題 】一日一題

問題52:something that you hope to achieve in the future [= aim]:
ヒント ....

【2016.04.26】【 LONGMANからの出題 】一日一題

問題51:a carefully planned piece of work to get information about something, to build something, to improve something etc: :
ヒント p...

【2016.04.25】【 LONGMANからの出題 】一日一題

問題50:something you have decided to do:
ヒント ....

【2016.04.24】【 LONGMANからの出題 】一日一題

問題49:the process of teaching or being taught the skills for a particular job or activity:
ヒント t...

【2016.04.23】【 LONGMANからの出題 】一日一題

問題47:sure that you can do things well, that people like you etc [≠ shy]:
ヒント s...-..

【2016.04.22】【 LONGMANからの出題 】一日一題

問題46:when you achieve what you want or intend [≠ failure]:
ヒント s..

【2016.04.21】【 LONGMANからの出題 】一日一題

問題45:a feeling of wanting something to happen or be true and believing that it is possible or likely:
ヒント ....

【2016.04.20】【 LONGMANからの出題 】一日一題

問題44:an informal talk in which people exchange news, feelings, and thoughts:
ヒント c..

【2016.04.19】【 LONGMANからの出題 】一日一題

問題43:someone who you know and like very much and enjoy spending time with:
ヒント f..

【2016.04.18】【 LONGMANからの出題 】一日一題

問題42:a statement that you will definitely do or provide something or that something will definitely happen:
ヒント p..

【2016.04.17】【 LONGMANからの出題 】一日一題

問題41:the feeling of happiness, enjoyment, or satisfaction that you get from an experience:
ヒント p..

【2016.04.16】【 LONGMANからの出題 】一日一題

問題40:a pain in your head:
ヒント h..

【2016.04.15】【 LONGMANからの出題 】一日一題

問題39:someone who is not yet an adult [= kid]:
ヒント c..

【2016.04.14】【 LONGMANからの出題 】一日一題

問題38:a series of thoughts, images, and feelings that you experience when you are asleep:
ヒント d..

【2016.04.13】【 LONGMANからの出題 】一日一題

問題38:the science of numbers and of shapes, including algebra, geometry, and arithmetic:
ヒント m..

【2016.04.12】【 LONGMANからの出題 】一日一題

問題36:a series of sounds made by instruments or voices in a way that is pleasant or exciting:
ヒント .....

【2016.04.11】【 LONGMANからの出題 】一日一題

問題35:the process of teaching and learning, usually at school, college, or university:
ヒント e..

【2016.04.10】【 LONGMANからの出題 】一日一題

問題34:when you achieve what you want or intend [≠ failure]:
ヒント s..

【2016.04.09】【 LONGMANからの出題 】一日一題

問題33:the information, skills, and understanding that you have gained through learning or experience:
ヒント a..

【2016.04.08】【 LONGMANからの出題 】一日一題

問題32: in a way that is not planned or intended [≠ on purpose, deliberately]:
ヒント a..

【2016.04.07】【 LONGMANからの出題 】一日一題

問題31: someone who lives in a particular town, country, or state:
ヒント c..

【2016.04.06】【 LONGMANからの出題 】一日一題

問題30: involving everyone in the world or in a particular group:
ヒント u..

【2016.04.05】【 LONGMANからの出題 】一日一題

問題29: very unkind and cruel, and deliberately behaving in a way that is likely to upset or hurt someone:
ヒント m..

【2016.04.04】【 LONGMANからの出題 】一日一題

問題28: a gas that has no colour or smell, is present in air, and is necessary for most animals and plants to live. It is a chemical element: symbol O:
ヒント ......

【2016.04.03】【 LONGMANからの出題 】一日一題

問題27: the plural of child:
ヒント ........

【2016.04.02】【 LONGMANからの出題 】一日一題

問題26: the clear liquid without colour, smell, or taste that falls as rain and that is used for drinking, washing etc:
ヒント .....

【2016.04.01】【 LONGMANからの出題 】一日一題

問題25:the beliefs, way of life, art, and customs that are shared and accepted by people in a particular society:
ヒント c...

【2016.03.31】【 LONGMANからの出題 】一日一題

問題24:a large round vegetable with thick green or purple leaves:
ヒント c...

【2016.03.30】【 LONGMANからの出題 】一日一題

問題23: the group of people who govern a country or state:
ヒント g...

【2016.03.29】【 LONGMANからの出題 】一日一題

問題22:a plant that is eaten raw or cooked, such as a cabbage, a carrot, or peas:
ヒント v...

【2016.03.28】【 LONGMANからの出題 】一日一題

問題21:something that you are trying to achieve, such as a total, an amount, or a time [= goal]:
ヒント t...

【2016.03.27】【 LONGMANからの出題 】一日一題

問題20:a sweet brown food that you can eat as a sweet or use in cooking to give foods such as cakes a special sweet taste:
ヒント c...

【2016.03.26】【 LONGMANからの出題 】一日一題

問題19:everything in the physical world that is not controlled by humans, such as wild plants and animals, earth and rocks, and the weather:
ヒント n...

【2016.03.25】【 LONGMANからの出題 】一日一題

問題18:an event, situation etc that people do not understand or cannot explain because they do not know enough about it:
ヒント m...

【2016.03.24】【 LONGMANからの出題 】一日一題

問題17:the air, water, and land on Earth, which can be harmed by man's activities : :
ヒント e...

【2016.03.23】【 LONGMANからの出題 】一日一題

問題16:an activity that you do for pleasure or amusement:
ヒント r...

【2016.03.22】【 LONGMANからの出題 】一日一題

問題15:ething that you do regularly or usually, often without thinking about it because you have done it so many times before:
ヒント h...

【2016.03.21】【 LONGMANからのからの出題 】一日一題

問題14:the system by which a country's money and goods are produced and used, or a country considered in this way:
ヒント e...

【2016.03.20】【 東大英単からの出題 】一日一題

問題13:only with great difficulty or effort [= only just]:
She was very old and [..] able to walk.:
ヒント b...

【2016.03.19】【 東大英単からの出題 】一日一題

問題12:existing or happening together, especially as a result of something:
ヒント c...

【2016.03.18】【 東大英単からの出題 】一日一題

問題11:to express or show something in a short way [= sum up]:
The words of the song neatly [e・・] the mood of the country at that time.:
ヒント e...

【2016.03.17】【 東大英単からの出題 】一日一題

問題10:a quality or feature of something or someone that is typical of them and easy to recognize:
ヒント c...

【2016.03.16】【 東大英単からの出題 】一日一題

問題9:used to show that you are using a metaphor:
ヒント m... ..l

【2016.03.15】【 東大英単からの出題 】一日一題

問題8:the use of money to get a profit or to make a business activity successful, or the money that is used:
ヒント i...

【2016.03.14】【 東大英単からの出題 】一日一題

問題7:a set of ideas, rules, or beliefs from which something is developed, or on which decisions are based:
ヒント f...

【2016.03.13】【 東大英単からの出題 】一日一題

問題6:a belief, custom, or way of doing something that has existed for a long time, or these beliefs, customs etc in general:
ヒント t...

【2016.03.12】【 東大英単からの出題 】一日一題

問題5:a planned series of actions for achieving something:
ヒント s...

【2016.03.11】【 東大英単からの出題 】一日一題

問題4:fairly large, especially large enough to have an effect or be important:
ヒント c~.

【2016.03.10】【 東大英単からの出題 】一日一題

問題3:a high level of social organization with deveroped system of art science,religion and government:
ヒント c~.

【2016.03.09】【 東大英単からの出題 】一日一題

問題2:to make or become greater in quantity or size:
ヒント a~.

【2016.03.08】【 東大英単からの出題 】一日一題

問題1:a set of ideas typical of a socical or political group:
ヒント i~.